1959   **zurich
1976 - 86   practical courses in ateliers and craftsman places. working with wood, metal, textiles, stones, ... in switzerland, germany, france, italy, china.
1980 - 86   diploma in architecture, eth zurich
1986 - 00  

working as an independent artist, sculptor and architect.
several group exhibitions and scholarships.
various rebuildings, some small new buildings.

1991   «skulpturen schachteln», galerie rrenée ziegler (catalogue).
1990 - 91   «private indoor pool», zurich.
1993 - 95   «cube kiosks» at the lake leman, «babettes sandwiches» montreux und vevey.
1995   «skulpturen löcher», at the serge ziegler galerie
1998   «skulpturen baukasten», at the serge ziegler galerie (catalogue).
1999   «live-in cube» in private loft , zurich.
2000   «lochwürfel» at the serge ziegler galerie.
«cubes», for lofts, bleiche, wald zh.
«hotel cubes», hotel bleiche, wald zh
«la grande illusion», «lochwürfel», musée d'art et d'histoire neuchâtel till 21.10.2001.